Ray Miller Trail in Malibu, California

I am in love with this trail. I have hiked this one twice and both times it’s been nothing short of amazing. It’s a 7 mile loop trail and easy to stick to the loop if you always stay to the right (assuming you are looping clockwise).

This was a sunset hike on a Tuesday with clear sky and pleasant breeze. The landscape here is burnt & charred with little vegetation. But thats what makes it even more breathtaking – the vast openness. I was blown away :)


Start of the trail

Some sign of vegetation


Panorama of the hills


Trails waiting to be explored



The second half of the trail is when we saw the beautiful ocean with the sun setting. And there is more – You can hear the sound of the ocean waves… Told you, this hike is amazing at different levels.


Ocean view


Ocean view


This keeps getting better :)


That beautiful sunset


Overestimated the brightness here :P

The foot traffic on this trail is minimum probably because its around 35 miles north of Santa Monica from PCH, way farther than other easily accessible trails.

More information: http://alltrails.com/trail/us/california/ray-miller-trail

Temescal Canyon Trail in Pacific Palisades, California

This post has been a week late in coming. Hiked this ~5 mile trail on a clear sunny pleasant day with the second half of the trail giving us some gorgeous views of the ocean.



I would recommend using alltrails map to find the loop in this trail.

City & Mountains

Panorama – Mountains

Ocean views

Panorama – Ocean

If you want a killer workout, hike this trail clockwise. The elevation is very steep for the first couple of miles. We were hiking anti-clockwise and didn’t regret it. It’s something to see great views while you are going downhill with no huffing and puffing.

Ocean views

Ocean views

More information: http://alltrails.com/trail/us/california/temescal-canyon-loop-trail