Solstice Canyon Trail in Malibu, California

Hiked this trail on Saturday morning. Perfect weather for a refreshing walk – slight fog and not sunny (this trail is not shaded for the most part). Gets decently crowded so get there early for parking.


Paved road for the first half of a mile


I want to be here when the sun sets


Morning fog clearing up

Tiny Waterfall

Tiny Waterfall

There is an old house now in ruins after a mile, with a (small) waterfall next to it. We turned back after exploring and resting on the rocks.

Roberts House

Roberts House

Roberts House

Roberts House

The trail is actually a loop but I have gotten lost few times trying to find the path forward after the ruins and since I was with a friend, we decided we would head back. So it turned out to be a short 2 mile hike. I am definitely going to make an attempt to find that loop.. soooon!

5 thoughts on “Solstice Canyon Trail in Malibu, California

      • Yep, found it! We approached it from the slightly harder Rising Sun trail. On reaching Robert’s house, you need to begin returning using the Solstice Canyon trail and 50 meters into it, there is a tiny entrance to a trail that leads to the Deer Valley loop. There were some nice views from the loop.

  1. Oh and if you mean you couldn’t find the Rising Sun trail (that completes the Roberts house loop) – you have to cross over to the other side of the waterfall and find some steps going up. These lead you to some steep switchbacks, and that path completes the loop.

    So in all, there are two loops!

    • I have taken Rising Sun trail (trying to find the loop) after reaching Roberts house. There is a small trail, right before the waterfall, that keeps going higher and higher.. Its not shaded.

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